Flipgrid loves the University of Minnesota!

Flipgrid is now FREE for all UMN faculty, instructors, and staff

Through an exciting collaboration between the LT Media Lab (LTML) and the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD) at the University of Minnesota, we are proud to offer free use of the new Flipgrid video-based online discussion and reflection environment to all UMN faculty, instructors, and staff.

Why is Flipgrid free for UMN?

Plain and simple ... because we love the University of Minnesota! Flipgrid was 100% designed and developed in the LT Media Lab, a CEHD Center focused on transforming learning for K-20+ students around the world.

Who is eligible for a free account?

Current UMN faculty, instructors, graduate assistants, and staff with an active x.500 ID (What's an x.500?) can use Flipgrid for UMN-specific courses, research, and discussion. If any users would like to use Flipgrid outside of the University of Minnesota, they will have to register for a standard yearly license.

How do I sign up for my free license?

Enter your name and x.500 (What's an x.500?) username to activate your free Flipgrid account for the 2013-2014 academic calendar year.

Basic Information
Enter your x.500 Username (What's an x.500?)